Our Product Groups

Our Product Groups

Ribbon Label

In order to ensure excellent print quality, the printer, the ribbon and the material to be printed must be compatible.

Japanese Type Care Label

Japanese Type Care Label is a type of label prepared as a washing instruction in the textile industry.

Carton Label

Truva Etiket provides meticulous service at every stage from production to delivery in order to distinguish itself among cardboard (carton) label manufacturers.

Woven Label

As a woven label manufacturer, Truva Etiket works hard to produce flawless products.

Barcode Label

Barcode label is the type of label needed to know and record the stock record of each product offered for sale.

Rubber Label

With our equipment and experience in label production, we strive to be the best in rubber label production.

Printed Label

Printed labels are labels that are printed on paper of the desired specification and have an adhesive on the back. They usually contain information about the company and the product.